Tuesday, March 21, 2017

12:39 AM

League of Legends just unveil another teaser. As always, League of Legends has a hobby of giving us a clue on what will happen next on League of Legends universe. And this time they posted another video of a champion. And now we are guessing if what it will be.

In the League of Legends Facebook page, they posted a new video teaser with a caption “Immortal sight cannot be obscured.” In this video it shows a character with blind fold which is very similar to Lee Sin, and they are look-a-like. That is why people has easily concluded that it is Lee Sin. And also, in this 11 seconds video, it shows, in the character that his eye is glowing and then the blind fold was destroyed. With this, people are guessing that maybe it was a new Lee Sin skin. And if this happen to be true, what would kind of skin will it be? A regular skin? An epic skin? Legendary Skin, or an Ultimate skin? Right now we have only 4 ultimate skin including DJ Sona, Pulsefire Ezreal, Spirit Guard Udyr, and Elementalist Lux. If it happens Lee Sin will be having a new ultimate skin then he will be the next one that will join the roster of champion having an ultimate skin next to Lux. Is it an ultimate skin? Who knows!? Well Riot knows. But some other people also conclude also  that maybe it is a new champion which relative with Lee Sin like a cousin and others are saying that it was going to be a Lee Sin rework.

Here is the video teaser:

No matter what it will be, I know if this a new Lee Sin skin, I’m sure Lee Sin main player will rejoice especially if it was an ultimate skin. However, if it is a new champion, well it still nice but one thing I am sure about… If this a Lee Sin rework, I guess Lee Sin main player will be sad because for me and I think other League of Legends player do, will say, the current Lee Sin is awesome.


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