Monday, July 13, 2015

League of Legends Patch 5.13

League of Legends Patch 5.13 will be release later. That is why League of Legend will be having a server maintenance. Rank queues will be unavailable exactly 4:30 am, and the server will be close at 6 am and will be open again around 10 am.

What's new in this patch is the game system changes including the dead recap, recorded line projectile skillshots, and slow stacking. There are also some changes to the champions in this patch like adjustment, for example, the one of my favorite champion "Ekko". He had a slightly improve attack frame now. Patch 5.13 also gives you some changes in some items, some ability power itemization, turrets base health is decreased, a new champion, and many more.

Now, what I like most about this patch is, there will be a new champion, "Tahm Kench" the River King. Since I have here 18k IP, I'm gonna buy Tahm Kench later, play some Normal matches and maybe post some screenshot of my game using Tahm Kench, the River King.


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