Sunday, July 5, 2015

One of my Favorite Game: Criminal Case

While checking my Facebook account, I saw a notification that my friend in Facebook is inviting me to play Criminal Case. So i try it and after clicking the notification it brought me to the Facebook app the Criminal Case. And for half an hour I guess, what I can say is I enjoy playing it. Then the other day I install it to my Android phone.

And as a fan of anime Detective Conan and Sherlock Holmes movie starring Robert Downey Jr., I easily like this game. It was a good detective type game figuring out who did what, when, where, how. What I like about this game is: You can choose your Facebook friends' Criminal Case character as a partner in investigating a crime scene. You can also customize your police character appearance, examine clues and analyze samples to look for evidence, interrogate witnesses and suspects, solve some puzzle, and bring the killer to justice.


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