Friday, November 25, 2016

239 - Math Puzzle Game

239 - Math Puzzle Game for Android
239 is a math puzzle game where you need to solve the number in the middle and make it zero by using numbers 2, 3, and 9. You lose when the number became negative. There are two game modes in this game including the Arcade and Zen. This app is created by Team Supremo of CSU - Main (Cavite State University - Main) the Android Master – Game category champion in GDG Philippines Android Master 2016.

The game main menu is composing of 6 buttons including: play button to play the Arcade Mode, video button(violet) to view videos and earn 8 dimes when you finish the video, heart button(red) that redirect to game's Google Play Store page, atom button (light blue) where you can view the Dime Shop, The Plant button(green) to unlock the Zen Mode and make the main menu total of seven button adding the Zen Mode if you have minimum of 99 dimes. and The Settings button.

Arcade Mode – This is the main game. In this mode, you have to use the number 2, 3, and 9 until the biggest number became zero. Just be careful because when it became a negative number you will be defeated. Zen Mode – You can unlock this mode using 99 dimes. In this mode, you have minimum taps unlike the Arcade Mode. Although this mode is much harder than arcade the dime you will earn in this mode is 50% more.

You earn dimes when you get points or by clicking the video button to get 8 dimes. Dimes are used to unlock power ups, buy continue, and unlock the Zen Mode.

This game is quite interesting and an addicting game. Although having a simple user interface but this game has a nice concept. It will make you subtraction addict! Recommended for all math lover.


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