Saturday, November 26, 2016

BombSquad Review

Looking for an Android game to play with your friends? Then, BombSquad for Android is the kind of game you were looking for. BombSquad is an action game that you can play not only solo but can play also with your friends too. The game is developed by Eric Foeling. You can go solo/coop, teams and free-for-all.

Solo or coop game is composing of up to 4 players, while teams and free-for-all are 2-8 players. In solo/coop game, there is campaign with different mini games including: Onslaught, football, runaround, and more. On the campaign, after almost an hour of playing I just unlocked the mini games Onslaught training up to Pro runaround.

Campaign mini games I unlocked so far are:

Onslaught - The objective here is to survive and defeat waves of enemy.
Football - This is where you have to bring the flag to the enemy territory base, but be careful because as you bring the flag to the enemy’s base, enemy are increased.
Runaround – In this game you have to prevent enemies from reaching the exit because your HP or the heart with number is decreased according to the number of enemies that reach the exit. You must do it quick because there is a time bonus.

There is also tournament mode in the lower of the campaign’s mini games. I tried the Race 1P and it needed an entry, 5 tickets are needed but once you finish the game, your prize I think will be 30 tickets.

The game is easy to control because you are using a built-in touch control left/right/up/down and buttons including the yellow looking gloves to punch, green button to jump, red button to use bombs, and the blue button to run, grab items or enemies that can be scaled according to what are you comfortable with. There is also an app in Google Play Store the BombSquad Remote that you and your friends can connect at once for local multiplayer game on Android TV or tablet.

BombSquad is one of the interesting Android game I played so far. Its fun and addictive. Good graphic, good choice of colors used on the environment. And the background music use also is very suitable to the game. Being a good game it doesn't require much about device spec because it runs smooth on a device with Android 4.0 or later.


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