Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New Ultimate Skin - Elementalist Lux

Lux main? Then it is time to celebrate! Because the new and the forth ultimate skin is added in League of Legends PH, joining the line up of Spirit Guard Udyr, Pulsefire Ezreal and DJ Sona, the new “Elementalist Lux” is now available. The new ultimate skin is available at 900rp and 1130rp for Master Elementalist Edition in League of Legends PH. Buying this before December 13 will grant you the Elemental Origins Border and the Elementalist Icon.

For purchasing either the Elemetalist Lux or the Master Elementalist Edition, you will get summoner icons and ward on the bundle. The Elementalist Lux only buddle is composing of summoner icons including: Fire, Nature, Light, Air and Water icon while the Master Elemental Edition is composed of Fire, Nature, Light, Air and Water, Magma, Storm, Mystic, Iced, Dark, and Elementalist Lux icon. There will be also an Elementalist Ward for the Master Edition.

This new ultimate skin is enable Lux to use her different possible forms of elements including: Light, Dark, Water, Fire, Air, Nature, Ice, Storm, Magma, and Mystic. Lux can transform twice per game. The first element will be the Light form of the Elementalist Lux as default then you can transform it by collecting elemental power by using abilities on your opponent then you can choose one from the four elements Fire, Nature, Water and Air. Second, for the final form, you can transform again depending of what elements are combined. For example, you combined the element of Fire and Air then you can get the Storm version of the Elementalist Lux as the final form.

For me, I think this new Elementalist Lux is the coolest ultimate skin as of now not only for Lux but in the League of Legends because it is much more detail than others skin as of now. I hope someday I will see ultimate skin for my other favorite champion Katarina.


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