Monday, December 26, 2016

5 Tips for High Score on Duterte Fighting Crime 2

Are you also playing Duterte Fighting Crime 2 for android? And you want to have a high score? Duterte Fighting Crime 2 is easy to play but if you are new to this game it feels quite challenging. So, I made a list to guide you on how to have high score in this game. Here is my lists to have a good score in Duterte Fighting Crime 2.

5 easy steps to have high scores on Duterte Fighting Crime 2


  • Buy shotgun first - First of all, shotgun is cheap and strong. Prioritize the purchase of this powerful weapon first. The Shotgun is one of the most affordable and powerful weapon in this game. You can at least 1 to 2 hit enemies using shotgun. And not only this weapon is powerful, but it can penetrate enemies and hit enemy that are in the back of other enemies. This weapon is really a good crowd control. So, purchasing this first is advisable. And if you have shotgun only at first, the only weapon you will get on the game is shotgun, the uzi and the grenade. For me, it is much better for the beginner because there is higher chance you will get shotgun and the grenade that can easily kill enemies and you can now earn more badges to unlock more powerful weapons.
  • Buy Firebomb - Besides it is cheap, it is also good for crowd control too because it can slow or even kill multiple enemies. When those bad guys are slowed, you can free hit them with your pistol. Also, it is advisable that while the fire is still on effect immediately go near the opponent so that they will set on fire too.
  • Use help before or after boss fight - Use the help like Miram, Bato, and Cayetano before or after the boss fight. Fighting the Boss is easy, you can do it without the help of Bato, Cayetano and Miriam. Because when you used the help in the boss fight there will be less bad guys that will come. Less bad guys, less kill, and less kill, less score. So, it is better if we just save the help and use it after boss fight so you can kill more enemies.
  • Using grenade - Better to use grenade one by one. Grenade is powerful and it can kill multiple enemies at once. Once you throw a grenade, go near the bad guys so they will come to you when they are alerted. And when they are close each other, they will be easily die because of the explosion.
  • Lure, Then Takedown Enemies – It has more chance to stay on game longer when you fight single enemy. So, to have just one opponent at a time, lure them first. Get a good distance and hit an enemy. Wait them to be alerted and when he goes for you just use your pistol to kill him. Fighting two or more enemy is hard unless you pick powerful weapon. If two or more enemies are after you, the one that is going first will just block  your bullets especially weapon that can't penetrate until he dies and with that, the other enemy at the back can reach you.
Here is my Duterte Fighting Crime 2 Gameplay

I hope that this tips will help you to have a high score in this game. Even though my current score is about 300+ only I think these guide can help a bit.

Do you know some other tips? Then share it now! Feel free to leave a comment.


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