Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Jungle Adventures Boy Of World Android Game Review

Yesterday I downloaded and installed two new games for my android phone. And one of those android game I install is the “Jungle Adventures Boy Of World”. As I was checking Google Play Store, the Jungle Adventures Boy Of World is one of the trending game so I give it a try. This game is developed by Kad Edd. It required at least android 2.2 or later. This game is an adventure arcade game that gave me throwback feeling to some iconic games back then especially our parent or maybe our parent’s parent favorite the “Super Mario”.

This game, as I have read on the Google Play Store, the story begins when a couple named “Addu” and his girlfriend got separated because of the appearance of the “Evil Lion Monster”. Now, to reunite them, you must help Addu to pass different obstacle and defeat enemies and bosses.

The game starts with tutorial the level 1. There are some sign posts where you can read information, and some instructions such as, you must collect coins and jewels, and etc. At the start, you don’t have any weapon. So, the thing you must do for now is to jump on enemies’ head. Familiar? Yes, it is familiar but unlike Super Mario, you will not die instantly when an enemy touch the main character. In this game, you have hit points or health which you can recover using a cake. So, look out for some bushes because it produces some cakes for a certain period. So where is the weapon? You can find weapon in some trees. You have to jump to a tree in order to get a fruit and use it as a weapon. Fruits are also produced for a certain period of time. So better go back to a tree if you are out of weapons. In this game, in order to finish a level, you must collect tree jewels and make it to the finish line. Some jewels are just lying around the ground while other are sometimes carried by enemies so you have to defeat those enemy in order to get the jewel. When fighting an enemy, hitting enemy’s head with a fruit will do the trick.

The in-game side scrolling, 2d graphic is similar to Super Mario game. The background music used really suit the game.

The Jungle Adventures Boy Of World is fun to play. The game gave me the throwback feeling to some old-school games. Though the game concept is similar to the game Super Mario and other arcade games back then but I can say that the game is still enjoyable to play.


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