Monday, December 19, 2016

Clash of Clans Update December 2016 Is Now Available

Clash of Clans update is now available

Finally, new update is available for Clash of Clans. As I was opening my Clash of Clans just recently because I am going to cook some dragons and balloons for my clan upcoming war. There is a notice that a new update is available. So, I clicked the update button and it brings me to the Clash of Clans’ Google Play Store and I download and install the update of Clash of Clans to see what this update will bring. Althoght we know some of its features like “new upgrades” and “other upgrades” that I wrote last December 17, Clash of Clans Update December 2016 - Balancing, Xmas, TH11 Upgrades.

clash of clans christmas loading screen

There are many changes in this update. For example, in the loading screen, you can really feel the essence of Christmas because the loading screen is now has a Christmas version of Clash of Clans opening sound. The  loading screen background environment is now covered with snow, the wizard clothes is color red just like Santa, the P.E.K.K.A became snowman, The Barbarian King now has a Santa Claus hat, and the Archer Tower and Baloons has Christmas lights.

clash of clans christmas ingame

Now let’s go to the in-game changes. The changes in the in-game of Clash of Clans are: you can now hear that the background music is now mix with Christmas theme. You can also see falling snow and some of the Clash of Clans building, defenses, trees, bush and more is now wraps with snow.

clash of clans event button and tab

clash of clans new troops icon

You can now also see the event button/tab where in the event tab, there is 3 upcoming event including “Hog Rider Event”, “1-Gem Collector Boost” which will start in 2 days and “1st Day of Clashmas!” that will also start in 2 days. Now, the troops icons are changed too and for me they look much better now. “Merry Clashmas! It’s a snowy season stocked with special events!” is what you will see in the news tab of Clash of Clans, and there you will see the new upgrades and other upgrades brought by this update. You can read those upgrade by visiting my post about Clash of Clans Update December 2016 - Balancing, Xmas, TH11 Upgrades.

clash of clans news


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