Friday, December 23, 2016

Confirmed: 10 Ban System Will Be Implemented on League of Legends

While checking my Twitter account just a few days from now I saw that @PVPLive tweeted that according to their sources 10 ban system is coming to the League of Legends. So as I checked the Pvplive website I saw there that according to their sources across multiple region, it seems Riot gives a go signal to prepare for this upcoming ban format change. And according to the Pvplive website also it may be implemented this upcoming January 20 or 19 for Europe.

PVP Live tweet about upcoming 10-ban system

Since there are five players for both teams I think this 10-ban system is much better. 5 for your team and 5 for the enemy team. Unlike the 6 ban system where the last three slot will choose what are those champions are going to ban. At least now we are given a change to choose which champions should we ban.

Of course, if there are pros in this new banning system there is also cons with this changes. If 10 ban system is implemented, I think we just find it a bit difficult to choose for a champion since there is additional 4 champions to be banned. There is much higher chance that our champions will be banned. I wonder what champions are will be added to high ban rate if 10 ban system is implemented. Because based on what I notice here in League of Legends PH banning system and my just finished provisional, the top 6 champions with high ban rate are number 1 is Leblanc and others are Annie, Darius, Garen, Syndra, and Blitzcrank.

In my opinion, before the end of the year or at least before 10 ban system is finally come. We should practice more champions. Because for example you are the mid lane and you know just three champions to play. What if those three champions are banned. What are champion are you going to use now? So it is much better if we know how to use more champions.

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