Friday, December 16, 2016

Duterte Fighting Crime 2 - Christmas Theme

Duterte Fighting Crime 2 - Christmas Theme
It’s really Christmas! Because even android games are now having their Christmas themes. There are lots of android game that has a Christmas theme update. And one of this android games is the “Duterte Fighting Crime 2”. Based on the Google Play Store, the game is updated last December 14.

Duterte Fighting Crime 2 is a game featuring the Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte and his fight against crime. Duterte Fighting Crime 2 is an action shooting game for android phone and developed by TATAY. By the way, Tatay is a Filipino word means father.

Duterte Fighting Crime 2 - Christmas Theme Gameplay

It’s been a while since I played this game on my old Cherry Mobile Flare S3 and now that phone has a broken screen because I accidentally sit on it. Since I had a new phone now, I haven’t install some of my app back. And earlier, I checked Google Play Store to look for games. And I saw there the Duterte Fighting Crime 2 and now it has Christmas themes. Since I don’t have any idea on what's new about this game because it been awhile since I played it. I downloaded and installed Duterte Fighting Crime 2 again to know what is new.

So, what’s new? Since its Christmas, the game now has its Christmas theme. But not only theme is added to the game. But they added also “Cayetano Laser” which is Alan Peter Cayetano the running mate of the Philippine president in the last Philippines election. When using the Cayetano Laser, you will summon Cayetano to help you fight the bad guys using his laser. Sadly, I don’t have any badges that is why I can’t afford to unlock and use Cayetano Laser yet. There is a new boss added in this game which is a Yeti and some weapons including: TNT, M16 rifle, and Liquid Nitrogen Gun.

Duterte Fighting Crime 2 - What's New

Here is my Duterte Fighting Crime 2 Gameplay.


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