Monday, December 19, 2016

Fat to Fit Android Game Review

fat to fit android game
Just installed two new game for my android phone and one of this is called “Fat to Fit”. Fat to Fit is a casual game for android. This game is developed by Tapps Games one of a top developer of android games. This game requires at least android honeycomb or later. Currently it has five hundred thousand download on the Google Play Store.
fat to fit android game gym owner

The game, Fat to Fit is about you, having a newest gym where lots of clients are waiting. You have to serve your clients on what they were asking for, by dragging them to the gym equipment. After dragging the client, you have to wait until he/she is finish before other can use that specific equipment because as you drag the client on the equipment there are some client arriving and asking to use the same gym equipment. Once a client is finish on his/her workout, you can now collect his payment by tapping the client. You can now also drag another client if this client is asking for the same equipment used. There are some mini games in this game like pop to help your client finish their workout. There are some daily challenge too including spinning game, run for your life, and more in order to gain gems. Just remember that the longer client waits, the client patience will drop and it will cause them to give-up.
fat to fit android game tutorial
The game starts in with a tutorial, where you can familiarize with the controls, what, or what to do as it pop-up to guide you. The control is easy you just tap, drag and spin. The game is fun, including those mini games. For me the background music used really suit the Fat to Fit android game. With a simple 2d graphic I can say it is fine. For me this Fat to Fit android game is enjoyable but a little upgrade like more characters and equipment will do.


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