Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hill Climb Racing 2 for Android Review

Hill Climb Racing 2 Loading Screen

Way back 2014, I installed Hill Climb Racing on my old Android phone. I was enticed to play this game when I saw my classmate was happily playing this game. So, I try the game and it was fun and now there is a sequel of the game. This last November the developer of this endless driving game the “Fingersoft” released its sequel the “Hill Climb Racing 2”. Hill Climb Racing 2 is a 2D physics based driving game. This game required at least Android 4.2 and up to run and it is on racing category. Hill Climb Racing 2 is free for download at the Google Play Store.

What I like about this sequel is, it is not just an endless driving game but if you have an internet connection it will became a multiplayer racing game. You can play with other and with your friends. If you don’t have an internet connection, you can still play solo on adventure mode.

Hill Climb Racing 2 Game Mode
Hill Climb Racing 2 Game Mode
There are two modes in this game. The adventure mode and the cups mode. You can also invite friends to enjoy the fun. You can modify your character and your vehicle. There are free upgrade sometimes. If you see the free upgrade button by tapping this it will make watch a video advertisement in exchange of the free upgrade to your vehicle. The Hill Climb Racing 2 gameplay is same as its prequel. You have to collect coins while carefully driving. Because over speeding on the slope will unbalance your car and it may cause the car to flip backward. Running out of gas or hitting the player character to the ground will make you lose. In the controls, you will use two pedals in order to balance your car. The pedal on the right makes your car accelerate while the pedal on the left will make you break or run backward.

Hill Climb Racing 2, compared to its prequel sure has lot of improvement in terms of graphic. The characters, the cars, environment, and other things in the background are now much detailed. If you played the 1st Hill Climb Racing, you will easily notice the improvement. The background music used was really suit the game.

For me this kind of game like Hill Climb Racing 2 though a simple game but it is fun and entertainment to play. It kills my time especially when bored or waiting. I just hope that they add more stages in this game in the future. Overall Hill Climb Racing 2 is a good racing game for Android.


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