Wednesday, December 7, 2016

"Change is Coming" New Champion, League of Legends Season And More are Coming with the Patch 6.24

League of Legends Patch 6.24
At last! The League of Legends upcoming patch 6.24 is will be implement tomorrow. And with this patch, it will bring the new champion, “Camille the Steel Shadow”. Not only Camille is brought by this patch but many changes and additional in League of Legends plus the start of the new League of Legends season.

So, what are those changes in League of Legends? The new League of Legends 6.24 patch will company by changes including champions, items, the jungle, jungle buffs, and masteries. The 6.24 patch also include the spectator mode, the client update with new features, upcoming skins, queue health update, and bugfixes. For more detail, you can check League of Legends patch notes by clicking here.

I am so excited in what 6.24 patch will bring. But what I am really excited about, is there is anew champion. Once patching of League of Legends tomorrow is done. I will immediately go to the League of Legends store and buy the new champion, Camille. I will going to try and practice this champ. Hope I got good K/D/A. I am hoping also that I will have much better rank this season than Gold III in previous League of Legends season.

EDIT: It is almost a week after 6.24 patch is implemented. But there is no Camille yet. Hopefully, League of Legends PH will release this champion soon.


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