Wednesday, December 14, 2016

League of Legends Camille "The Steel Shadow" Is Now Available!

League of Legends Camille the Steel Shadow

While checking my Facebook newsfeed yesterday, I saw the League of Legends page that they updated their profile picture using image of Camille. And with that, it is a sign that Camille The Steel Shadow is finally available. And at last! After almost a week of waiting since patch 6.24 was implemented. The new League of Legends champion Camille is now available in the PH server. You can now buy Camille for 6300 IP or 200 RP.

Camille is an assassin fighter champion. She has good set of abilities to have a good assassination combo to an enemy. Her abilities are:

Q - Precision Protocol

 League of Legends - Camille Precision Protocol

Camille's next basic attack deals x bonus physical damage and increases her movement speed by 20% for 1 second. This ability can be recast in the next 3 seconds at no cost.

If the second Precision Protocol attack hits at least 1.5 second after the first, the bonus damage is increased by 100% to x and 55% of attack is converted into true damage.

Precision Protocol cannot critically strike.

W - Tactical Sweep 

 League of Legends - Camille Tactical Sweep

Camille winds up and then slices in a direction, dealing 65 (+x) physical dmage to enemies hit.

Enemies hit by the outer half are slowed by 90%, decaying over 2 seconds. They take extra physical damage equal to 6% (+x%) of their maximum health, healing Camille for 100% of the damage dealt (healing capped at xx from non-champions).

Tactical Sweep does 50% less damage to non-epic monsters.

E - Hookshot

 League of Legends - Camille Hookshot

First Cast: Fire a hookshot that attaches to terrain, pulling Camille to it and allowing Hookshot to be recast for 1 second.

Second Cast: Camille leaps from the wall, colliding with the first enemy champion hit. Upon landing, she deals 70 (+x) physical damage and a 1 second stun to nearby enemies. Dashes toward enemy champions travel twice as far and grant 40% attack speed for 5 seconds.

R - The Hextech Ultimatum

 League of Legends - Camille The Hextect Ultimatum

Camille briefly becomes untargetable and leaps onto an enemy champion, locking them into an area they cannot escape by any means for 4 seconds. Other nearby enemies are knocked away.

Her basic attack against the trapped enemy deals bonus magic damage equal to 5 plus 4% of their current healt.

The Hextech Ultimatum ends if Camille leaves the area.

For me, while using these champion Camille, I feel like I am using Talon as my champion. Using the W "Tactical Sweep", the range and its area it affected, is same as Talon's second skill "Rake". And the Hookshot that can make Camille pass to a wall? It was like Talon's Parkour but with a little different like if Camille hookshot hit enemy, the enemy will be stunned. And that is reason why my item build for Camille is the same as what I am using to Talon.

My Camille Item build:

I used Trinity in the first and second normal game using Camille but since I followed on what items I built to Talon, therefor I am using now items including: first the Youmuu's Ghostblade, the item I target next is the Black Cleaver, and 3rd was the Duskblade of Draktharr and of course I have a boot that was I later upgraded to Boots of Mobility. The other items are for countering opponent champions. I haven't try any Camille item build yet. Someday I will try some Camille item build. But right now, I was comfortable on what my item build on Camille.

My League of Legends Camille Match HistoryFor me, Camille was a good and easy champion to learn. Camille was pretty strong assassin fighter champion. In 5 of my normal games I got 3 wins. Though using for a couple of times, I got good K/D/A in one of my 5 normal matches.


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