Thursday, December 1, 2016

New Upcoming Champion: Camille the Steel Shadow

There is a new champion joining the roster of League of Legends. And this champion is named “Camille” the Steel Shadow. Camille was revealed by League of Legends this last November comes with a comic for her story. She has blades in her feet and she looks like Toph’s Daugher. This champion is an AD (attack damage) fighter.

While watching the short video animation of Camille when I saw it on Facebook page of League of Legends. I notice that the background music is a bit similar to, when Jhin is using his ultimate skill. That is why I guest, maybe she is somewhat related to Jhin. And if you are watching the “The Avatar: The Legend of Korra” Camille is look like Toph's Daughter, the chief of police of the Republic City Police Department Lin Beifong. Camille and Beifong is not only look-a-like but there is similarity in their ability. Just like the chief of police Beifong in animation series as a metalbender using metals as her grappling hook. Camille’s 3rd or the "E" skill first cast is a hook shot and second cast will allow Camille to dive to the wall. With those similarities, they are both badass.

Luckily, saving my League of Legends IP (influence point), I can afford this new champion when it is out. I can’t wait to see and try this new champion here in League of Legends PH. And post some in game screenshot and maybe some Camille guide or build. I want to experiment Camille's item build.

I think Camille will be a deadly assassin. She would be a perfect as Top lanner or a Jungler. As using hooks like Nautilus, The Titan of the Depths, she can easily catch up with enemy champions.


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