Monday, December 12, 2016

Qurius - The First Connected Reality Android Game

Qurius Loading Screen

I am browsing Google Play Store a while ago when I noticed new game called "Qurius" at the new + updated games section on the Google Play Store. So, out of curiosity, I downloaded the game. Qurius is about 90mb of game app size. And requires at least 4.0.3 and up. It is developed by "Icejame Games Inc". In the Google Play Store, it says “This is an unreleased app. It may be unstable”. But because it is free, I download it anyway.

The game is a world-builder game and a connected reality game which new to me. The connected reality, I think, it is using your location to detect real life weather condition and then it will reflect in the game. So, if your location is daylight and sunny, then the in-game time and weather will be daylight and sunny too. That is why they used tagline "weather is magic". In this game you have to harvest, and collect gems to explore, search, build and help restore the mysterious world of Qurius from destruction.

Qurius Gameplay

I am exploring Qurius thought it is still on beta  just to familiarize the controls, what is, and what to do. Qurius has an awesome 3d graphics. The control is easy. It uses a 360-degree control. Qurius has cute and adorable 3d creatures that can be unlocked. And about the background music? The mysterious essence of the background music used in this game is perfect match to the game concept, a mysterious world. As of now I have two Cloud Quarks named “UP” and one shaman. The quarks are used to explore and search while shaman is the one who can build and upgrade using magical gems.

Qurius Characters
Qurius Android Gameplay

I think, just like Clash of Clans before, where many mobile games developer tries to do what Clash of Clans accomplished. Qurius will be became the basis of connected reality game. And in the near future we will see many connected reality games developed.


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