Friday, December 23, 2016

Got Silver 1 On 8 - 2 Provisional - League of Legends PH

It been quite a long time as I was playing League of Legends. And there is a lot of season that came by. I started to play League of Legends when it was season 4 only and I got silver 1 division as my season’s rank. And when before season 5 ends. I got gold 2 division. And this last November 8, 2016 when season 6 ends. I got Gold 3 division as my rank. And now just recent I just finished my provisional. And with a score of 8-2 win loss ratio, I got Silver 1 division. For me it is not bad as nearly everyone when the player starts to rank its lower than the previous season's rank.

In most of my game, I used Katarina as champion. My preferred role was Mid or Top lane but I can go other role if autofill decided. My favorite pick cycle is, if I was mid I chose Katarina or Ryze or Galio and if I go top I use Talon or Camille or Nasus. I can’t remember which champion I used in my first win and lose in the placement because it’s about 2 weeks from now. But In my first rank game today I got the mid lane so I use Katarina as my champion. It last 31 minutes and 22 seconds. It was hard because the enemy team are strong too. The match is so close as it ended 27 total team kills from my team and 26 total kills from enemy team. My second game was pretty bad. I got 4/15/17 K/D/A using Katarina. Luckily I still win thanks to my team, they carry me although I am the carry and they don’t trash talk me. In the 3rd game I got the farmer role because of the autofill. I used Talon on that match. In my 4th match it was too bad. I used Ryze because the opponent champions are all counter play to Katarina. I got a good start but all of my 4 teammates they quitted the match. So, I was left alone. It was like free lp to the enemy team and it was my second placement lose. After that rank match I got all win in all of my last 4 rank match. My 5th and 6th game I was mid again and I used Katarina again. The 7th game because of the autofill I ended up support. So, I use my favorite support Sona. The supposed my 8th match was remake. I am going to used Galio there as Katarina was ban. And the last game, which I am mid again, I used Katarina as my champion again. And after that I got Silver 1 division.

Hopefully before the end of League of Legends season 7 I will have much higher ranks than my Gold 2 on my previous ranking season. Hopefully I got at least Platinum division this time.


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