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Zenonia S: Rift in Time - Review

Zenonia S



Since my PC is somewhat a bit messed right now because it is just 2.5gb of RAM. Most of the game I randomly playing right now are Android games. And just recently, I downloaded 2 Zenonia game from Google Play Store which is the Zenonia 4 and S. Since this post is about Zenonia S, I will focus on that game only. Zenonia S is the 6th installment of the Zenonia franchise. The game is developed by Gamevil. It required at least Android 2.3 and up. When you download it on the Google Play Store it is about 60mb of size. But when you start the game you need to download the most recent data. In my case I downloaded 32 files which I don’t know how many megabytes it consumes to my data connection.

Game Description: 


Zenonia S Story

The story began with the battle of two groups called Dragonblood and Celestials. They fought for hundreds of years for one another's land. And because of fighting of the two group it causes a time rift that brought heroes and fairy. One of those heroes are Regret that if you played Zenonia 4 before, is the main character in that game and Neal a magician who came from Zenonia 5 and many more. And because the heroes are brought at that time. The heroes lost their memories. And to bring back the heroes’ memory, they must get the "Osiris Shards" which could restore their memory. And to find the shards called Osiris, the heroes must cooperate with Celestial to bring Dragonblood down.



The game starts by creating your Zenonia S nickname. Unlike other MMOG where you can give names or nicknames for your different characters, in this game your created nickname will be used in all of your characters. There are 7 class to choose from, the Druid, Paladin, Slasher, Ranger, Fighter, Magician, and Assassin. After setting your nickname and you have chosen your character class. You start with a good set of armor and weapon and have a fight with the Ice Queen which is lv 61. Although you are level 1, you can easily beat the Ice Queen. In this part, it will describe different thing you should learn like the player level, HP, MP, information about the monster, the map, exp, skill, control movement, basic and skill atack. After the Ice Queen is has been slain, you will be brought to town and you can choose if you want to skip or continue the tutorial. Once you choose to continue by not skipping the tutorial. It will show how to start and finish a quest, how to equip items, how to add stat to respected characters like for example since my character is a slasher I put strength, and how to go to dungeon. After the tutorial, finally you are on your own now. In this game, you can choose 3 kind of attack which is the manual attack where you are controlling the character. Another is auto attack where the character is automatically attacking using basic attack the enemies. The only thing you can do is skill. And last is the auto skill where you can AFK (Away from the Keyboard) if you want but since it is on Android device, AFT or Away From the Touchscreen? LOL! The autoskill let the character use skill automatically as long as there are MP. It also auto attack if your is on cooldown or the MP is depleted.
Zenonia S Gameplay
Zenonia S Gameplay
Zenonia S Gameplay
Zenonia S Gameplay

Zenonia S stat build: 


If you want to create or you have your character and don’t know what stat are best for them. Then, here is the Zenonia stat guide. For Regret a Slasher, the perfect stat build for him is strength. You can give dexterity for both Bishu an Assassin and Ecne the Ranger. Stamina for Daza(Fighter) and the Druid, and intelligent for Neal the Magician. That is the Zenonia S best character build to make your character strong.

Zenonia S Characters

Graphic is good and improved: 


Though the graphics is same with other Zenonia game, with cute 2d chibi character style but we can notice the improvement. You can see the environment is now much detailed. And the characters’ graphic is more sharpen this time.

Zenonia S Graphic


In the sound, I guess they used some old sound file for the game as the sound of the skills, attack, background music is still the same.

My Zenonia S: Rift in Time Gameplay:



Personal Conclusion: 


It was good game but there is something very small thing I'm disappointed at. Like for example I was a bit disappointed because beside I downloaded game with 60mb of the app size, because it first time use, again I downloaded game latest files that in my case it is about 32 most recent files which I don’t know how many MB. I thought it was only 60mb. And what I was disappointed most is that I am expected the old Zenonia style gameplay where it is an open world where you can explore different areas, and you can mine minirals including bronze and more. This Zenonia S is more like a dungeon game like Kritika Android game to me. But again overall, still a good game to play with. Good graphic, good gameplay.

Rating: 7/10


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