Saturday, January 21, 2017

Adventure Town Review

I tried playing Adventure Town just yesterday. I just know this game because of my classmates. He tells me that this game was good. And it has a Clash of Clans element where you build your town with buildings and the good thing in this game is, it can be played offline. So, I try it. By the way, Adventure Town is an adventure game with city-building game elements. The game is free to play. It was developed by Supersolid. The game requires at least Android 2.3 and up. And currently having over a million of downloads.

The game start with your town was attacking by monster, a level 1 “Chorizord”. In order to beat that monster, you need the heroes. Luckily, at the beginning, you will have two heroes. Now, as a new beginning, there are some quest after you slain the Dragon such as harvesting crops from the fields to restock the shops and start earning golds, collect rewards from the Town Guardian, start build some buildings like bakery and inn, clear some dungeon and more.

In order to have new heroes, there are required level and once you attain the required level there will an available hero that you must finish first their requirement so you can unlock them. The heroes are used for defending the town, exploring around the lands, slain monsters and go to dungeons. You can customize the heroes. You can change their equipment and you can rename them.

By harvesting goods or crops from the field, it can restock the shops. And once the shops are restocked, you will earn gold. There are different crop types, each type has different growing time. The Town Guardian offers daily reward. The reward can use for rebuilding town, and buying equipment for your heroes. So, it is better to check the Town Guardian every day. In order to rebuild the town, you need to start building. The buildings are used to earn some gold like for example, the Inn will earn gold over 4 hours even not playing. You can find those building in the market.

The game has an RPG element. To fight monster, you just have to tap the monster and then select which hero will attack. Attacking will cost some gold. Once the monster has slain there will be some loots or if your hero is defeated, he or she will regenerate for a minute or more. This Adventure Town game offers us good old-school cartoonish style graphic. The sound used is really suit the game. While the control is easy where you just scroll the screen by swiping or pinch to zoom.

I can say that its a good game to try thanks to my classmate. For me, the game is fun to play. I enjoyed the game especially for one reason, it didn’t require a data connection or a WIFI and It combines RPG and simulation game genre. But just hoping that the game will not cost gold for almost everything especially on battle against monster. Other than that, overall a good game.

Rating: 8/10


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