Saturday, January 7, 2017

Clash of Clans Event: Dragon Event

Clash of Clans Dragon Event

Dragon event is now available on Clash of Clans. This event will last for only 2 days started this January 7 and will last on January 9. So, it is better to grab this opportunity to use them for wars or farming some resources. By this time as I was on TH9(Town Hall level 9) with Dragon level 4. I can now train Dragon from 37000 elixir each before, now for only 3700 elixir. That is 10% of the normal cost. For 11 Dragons, it cost a total of 40700 elixir only.

If you haven't open your Clash of Clans account. This event is challenging Clash of Clans players to win multiplayer battles using Dragons. You need to use required number of Dragons for specific Town Hall levels. If you are at Town Hall level 10 to 11, you need to use at least 4 Dragons while at TH7 to TH9 at least 3 Dragons and 1 Dragon for TH6. For Town Hall 6 you need to request Dragon from your Clan in order to have Dragon because Dragon is not available for that Town Hall level. The reward for this challenge are 300 experience and 30 gems. You need to win 3 times in multiplayer battle using Dragons in order to get those rewards.

Dragon is a powerful Clash of Clans unit. This unit target anything from structures, defense, or units that is closer to them. It has an area splash damage and can target ground and air. The housing space for this unit is 20 and has a movement speed of 16. But the weakness of this unit is the Air Defense so better to support them with Lightning Spells to destroy at least 1 Air Defense. Dragon can level up from level 1 up to maximum of level 6.

Back on my TH7-TH8 days, I always use “Drag attack” before I unlock all units and spells needed for “GOWIPE” strategy attack. Back in those days, I have a high chance of 3 star on wars using Dragon plus 3 Lightning spells.

Right now, I boosted my barracks. I am using this opportunity to farm loots because it was really affordable. I think not only the reward are awesome in this event, but this Clash of Clans Dragon event was perfect opportunity for players with TH7 to TH8 or even TH9 to easily farm some gold, elixirs and dark elixirs.


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