Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Clash of Clans Event: Jump Spell Event

Let’s jump, jump, jump because the Jump Spell event is activated on Clash of Clans. If you haven’t open your Clash of Clans, the new event is The Jump Spell event. The event let you brew and use this spell for only 10% of its original elixir cost. It started just recently and will last for 3 days. But what I’m excited is the next event after this, the Wizard event. Because I can use that opportunities to farm some resources.

So, what is the Jump Spell? The Jump spell lets your troops to jump over walls like a Hog Rider. The spell is available at Town Hall level 9 and can be upgraded to level 2 once you have a Laboratory level 6. By the way, you need a Spell factory which is upgraded to level 4 in order upgrade to Jump spell appeared on the Laboratory. It is a very useful spell especially when combining with some Wall Breaker, because you can easily penetrate the defender's village.

It is my first time to use this spell. Since my strategy before are Dragon attack, GOWIPE, and now Golem with some Valkyries. I just want to try the Jump spell so I can write about it here on my blog and since it is much affordable because of the event. But what I can say is, this spell is perfect combination for some melee troops especially the Valkyries. I never thought this spell is good because I haven’t use this before.

The event has no reward though. But the good thing is its much affordable now.

Yeah, the next event is a Wizard event. And since Clash of Clans doesn’t reveal details for the next event until the previous event is finished. But we can predict that the event will be same as other past event such as the Hog Rider event, Dragon event, and Golem event where Clash of Clans players are challenge to win multiplayer battles using the required unit. And by complying with that challenge, you will be rewarded by gems and experiences.


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