Saturday, January 28, 2017

Clash of Clans Event: Witch Event

You’ll never fight alone during this event. Raise horde of skeletons to fight with you because todays Clash of Clans event is a Witch Event. This event will last for 2 days. It follows with the Earthquake Spell Event and the upcoming event will be the Healing Spell Event.

In this event, you can train Witches level 1 with original cost of 250 dark elixir and now for only 25 dark elixir during the event. The event also challenge player as like other past troop event where we need to win multiplayer battles using required troops. And in my case, having town hall level 9, I need to win three multiplayer battle using at least 4 Witches. The reward for this challenge is 300 experience and 30 gems.

The Witch:
The Witch never fight alone, constantly raising dead warrior from past battle to lead her attacks.

I've created a YouTube video. In this video, I tried to raid using 18 witches and 1 wizard plus spells such as Earthquake spells and Healing Spells. But the outcome is not good but it is alright because I looted some gold, elixir and dark elixir. So, in my 3rd try, I tried 10 Witches, 1 Golem, 10 Wizards, 4 Wall Breakers, and 2 Archers. By using those troops, I got 2 star with a 200k loot in both gold and elixir plus some dark elixir in a raid.

Here is the video:

The next event after this Witch Event is a Healing Spell event. The details for this event is still unknown but we know that it will be the same with another spell event.


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