Saturday, January 21, 2017

Clash of Clans Event: Wizard Event

Want to know what’s new in daily event on Clash of Clans? If you haven’t open your Clash of Clans yet. Then there is a new ongoing Clash of Clans event. The event is the “Wizard Event”. The event will last for 2 days. This is the new event after the Jump Spell Event that just finished few days from now. The details to this event is same as the other event where the cost for the unit or spell is much affordable. And there are also some rewards when you win multiplayer battles using the required unit.

The Wizard event rewards are 300 experience and 30 gems when you meet the required wins over multiplayer battles. And while this event is active, you can train wizard for very affordable cost like 10% of the original elixir cost which same with other past event. And as a Clash of Clans player with Town Hall level 9, the event requires me to win three multiplayer battle using 11 wizards in order to get the reward.

For me this event is perfect for farming resources since the cost of the Wizard is cheaper while the event is currently activate. So, it’s better to use this opportunity to farm for some gold, elixir, and dark elixir because the Wizard are powerful unit here on Clash of Clans. They have powerful attack plus they are long range units. Just remember to brought some Heal spell and some tank type unit such as Giants or Golem in raids to tank enemies’ defenses so that the Wizard won’t die easily.

The next event after the Wizard event is for the dark elixir spell this time. Dark elixir spell which is the Earthquake Spell. It seems Clash of Clans is alternating the event with unit and spell because after a unit event for example the Golem event it follows with spell event just like the just finished event which is the Jump Spell event.


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