Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How To Fix The Login Server Didn't Respond League of Legends PH

League of Legends Login Error

It is quite annoying when we have League of Legends error such as login error especially when our hands are itchy to play League of Legends. It happens to me before. So, I find different solution back then that may fixed my problem but some solutions I found don’t work. But after few trial and error I finally fixed my problem and a day later I post the solution here on my blog. The solution I posted here is the “How to fix League of Legends Login error”. I can say that in my first tutorial to fixed this problem was really easy but you need to download a file which by the way is just a small file. But if you are looking for a solution that doesn’t need to download anything. Then, I have here something much easy way to fix the League of Legends login error. It’s like a copy paste process only. So, without further do, here is my solution.

How to fix "The Login Server Didn't Respond" in League of Legends PH

  1. Go to Air folder in League of Legends PH folder.. In my case it is on (C:\Program Files\Garena Plus\Apps\LoLPH\Air)
  2. Right clicking the lol.properties and open with notepad or any other text editor you have like notepad++
  3. Copy this code and paste it on your lol.properties and save: (note: this code is for League of Legends PH only)

And thats it! Your League of Legends PH login error is now fixed! I hope it help you. Happy gaming!


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