Saturday, January 14, 2017

League of Legends Upcoming Patch 7.2 Gives You Warwick Rework

There will be an upcoming patch on the League of Legends. And this patch is the patch 7.2 that include the “Warwick: The Uncage Wrath of Zaun”. Last year there are some rumors about champions reworks. This rumors includes Warwick and Galio. And if you are following League of Legends Facebook page and other League of Legends server page. They are giving us some clue about this thing. And just this January 6 the page posted a story about Singed Engineering something and follow up by a teaser where two Zaun criminals is being chase by an engineered beast. And 3 days ago, while checking my Facebook I saw on my news feed that the League of Legends Philippines page posted that there will be an upcoming patch with the video of Warwick rework gameplay. With that, its confirmed that the newest champion to be having a rework is Warwick.

The said champion rework is set to be release once the Patch 7.2 is implemented. The exact date of this patch is not yet revealed. But details on what this League of Legends patch will bring are revealed. Detail such as some changes in champions, items, masteries, Summoner Spell changes, and new Practice Tool, skins for Amumu and Blitzcrank, and the updated Warwick rework skins.

So, what’s new on this Warwick rework?

Not only the Warwick Epithet is change from “the Blood Hunter” to “the Uncage Wrath of Zaun”. But the graphic, character model, skills, and many more are change. For me the rework Warwick graphic is way cooler than before plus the character model is more detail. And skill changes, from passive to ultimate skill changed. Here are the new Warwick skills according to League of Legends website:

Passive: Eternal Thirst


Warwick’s basic attack deal bonus magic damage. If Warwick is below half health, the bonus damage heals him for the same amount.

Q: Jaws of the Beast


Warwick lunges forward and bites his target, healing for some of the damage dealt. Holding down the key locks onto the target, causing Warwick to leap behind them.

W Passive: Blood Hunt

Enemy champions with less than half health leave behind a global blood trail leading to them and are Blood Hunted. Warwick has increased attack speed against Blood Hunted targets and massively increased out-of-combat movement speed when moving toward them. These bonuses are tripled against enemies with very low health. The attack speed bonus also works against neutral monsters.

W Active:

The nearest enemy champion is Blood Hunted, even if they’re full health. Blood Hunt’s active has a long cooldown, but cools down twice as fast while no enemies are being hunted.

E: Primal Hawl

Warwick takes reduced damage for a short duration. At the end of the duration—or if activated again—Warwick howls, causing nearby enemies to flee in fear.

R: Infinite Duress

Warwick leaps in a direction and suppresses the first champion he collides with, dealing damage and applying on-hit effects throughout the duration. The leap's distance increases based on Warwick’s movement speed, and he heals for all damage he deals during Infinite Duress. Warwick is immune to crowd control effects during the leap.

The new patch brings some changes and new things in League of Legends. But what I like about this upcoming patch is the new Warwick rework. Since Warwick and Galio are some of the oldest League of Legends champions, it is good time to see something new to those champions. With this Warwick rework, this confirmed the rumors to be true. So, I think the next champion to be have a rework is Galio.


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