Sunday, January 15, 2017

Top 5 Strongest League of Legends Cheapest Champions

This is a list of League of Legends strongest champions with the cheapest price. We can't just underestimate this champions because of their price. The champions on this list are strong and can compete with some expensive champions and even can overpower them. So, don’t ever belittle them. The champions on the list are for only 450 IP here in the League of Legends PH. So, it is perfect as a starter to a newly started summoner.

My list is based on the champion price, the server pick rate, win rate, and my experience to those champions. Here is my list of top 5 League of Legends strongest champion with the cheapest price.

Top 5 Strongest League of Legends Cheapest Champions:

5. Warwick – the Blood Hunter


League of Legends - Warwick

This champion is one of the oldest League of Legends champion. Warwick is set to be having a rework soon once League of Legends patch 7.2 is finally arrive. Warwick is a fighter and could also use as tanker. He was really a good farmer because he can last on the farm land because of his passive the Eternal Thirst which each of Warwick’s attack will heal him. He is perfect for gank once he reaches level 6 because of his ultimate the Infinite Duress. His movement speed is boosted once he senses weakened enemy champions around him making him good for chasing. By the way this is for the old Warwick which is the Blood Hunter not the Warwick rework “the Uncage Wrath of Zaun”. I may update it once the rework is released.

4. Annie – The Dark Child


League of Legends - Annie

The number 4 slot champion is a powerful mage. Many players are scared of this champion as I observed this champion is always banned on rank games. Personally, I have 57.1% win rate on this champion. Her abilities are: Pyromania the passive where after casting abilities 4x the next offensive skill cast will stun enemies, Q - Disintegrate, W - Incinerate, E – Molten Shield where Annie and Tibbers grants a shield use to resist damage and deals DPS damage to closer enemies, and Annie’s ultimate skill the Summon: Tibbers where she summons Tibbers to help her fight enemies. Tibbers deals a AOE (Area of Effect) damage and attack and burns enemy near him.

3. Garen – The Might of Demacia


League of Legends - Garen

Oh, I hate this champion if he is on the enemy side. Garen is a fighter and a tanker. My item build this champion is pure tank. He is very hard to kill. He can bully us using his 3rd skill the “Judgment” where he spins and it deals damage around him. Since Garen has no mana, he can cast his abilities whenever he likes. And with his passive the Perseverance that regenerates a percentage of his maximum health each second when not struck by damage or enemy abilities it really makes him hard to slain. And when the game reaches at mid and late game he became invincible.

2. Ashe – the Frost Archer


League of Legends - Ashe

This champion is a strong marksman. And if you follow the last year championship, Ashe has a long hair, because its like ADC of each team are racing to pick this champion. Her basic attack with the help of her passive ability the “Frost Shot”, can slow her target. Ashe is also good at poking enemies using her 2nd ability the Volley which fires 9 arrows in a cone. And when her Ranger’s Focus built some stacks, it is very dangerous to mess with this champion especially when she has a life steal items like “The Bloodsthirster”. Her basic attack became like a machine gun because when Ashe cast the Ranger’s Focus, she temporarily increased her Attack Speed and transforming her basic attack into a powerful flurry attack for the duration. Ashe is not just a marksman but can be a support too. By using Hawkshot she can scout anywhere on the map perfect for scouting enemies. And finally, her ultimate skill the Enchanted Crystal Arrow can cast in a straight line. Her Enchanted Crystal Arrow, when it collides with an enemy Champions, it deals damage and stuns the Champion. The farther the arrow travels, the longer the stun will last.

1. Master Yi – the Wuju Bladesman


League of Legends - Master Yi

And finally, the number 1 place in this list is Master Yi. He has 24.6 percent of pick rate and a 47.3 percentage of winning here in the LOL PH. Master Yi can be used from both top lane to farm land. My classmate use this champion for top lane to counter play Zed because using Alpha Strike can dodge Zed ultimate skill the Death Mark. Alpha Strike also can use for dodging other abilities with the perfect timing. This champion is perfect for chasing enemies because his Highlander skill makes Master Yi temporarily increased his movement and attack speed. Highlander can also use for escaping as it can make Master Yi immune to all slowing effects. And with a perfect set, Master Yi is like a police that arrive on the back to finish of the clash. Don't make Master Yi let alone because he is also good for backdoor. He can easy destroy enemy turret because Master Yi's passive the Double Strike where every few strikes, Master Yi strikes twice. And when this passive is combined to his ability like the 3rd skill, Wuju Style which grants him bonus true damage on basic attack when activated plus the Highlander, I can say Master Yi is a piece of destruction machine.

Using this champions doesn’t guarantee you a win. Because winning is still depending on your playing skills, your PC and internet connection performance, and the team are you at. So, agree with my list? Or do you think that there is much better stronger champion with the cheapest price that should be on the list? Then leave some comment below.


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