Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Zenonia 4 Tips: How to Mine and Spawn Enemy Fast

Zenonia 4: How to Mine and Spawn Enemy Fast

New to the game Zenonia 4: Return of the Legend? Or you just haven’t finish the game yet because you change your phone or you format it? And that is the reason why you play the game again to know the story and how it ends? Then I have some tips for you. This tips might help you with some of your quest especially on quest that you need to collect some ingredients like bronze, sapphire, mithril and more that you can get by mining. Maybe you are just farming for some ingredients? This tips also can help you easily clear quest that needed to eliminate a number of enemies.

Before we start. What is Zenonia 4?

Zenonia 4: Return of the Legend is a role-playing game developed by Gamevil. This game boosted the popularity of the Gamevil. The game was released way back December 2011. The game requires at least Android 2.1 and up. For me, this is the best Zenonia in the series.

So, what tips I was talking about at the first paragraph?

This tips is about Zenonia 4 mining fill fast and how to make enemies respawn fast. Just follow easy steps. I have 2 easy method in doing this.

Here are easy steps to mine fast.

Method 1:

  1. Once the mine is depleted.
  2. Just go to another area.
    Zenonia 4 - Just go to another area.Then Go Back.
  3. Then go back.
Now, you can see that enemies are respawned and the mines are replenished.
Zenonia 4: Mine replenish and enemies respawn fast

Method 2:

This is the easiest way to make mine replenish fast and enemies respawn fast.
  1. Once the mine is depleted.
  2. Save the game.
    Zenonia 4 - Save game
  3. Go to main menu.
    Zenonia 4 - Go to main menu
  4. Reload the game.
    Zenonia 4 - Reload the game

Now, you can see that mines are filled and enemies are respawned again. This number 2 method is recommended if you are just farming some mines ingredients. Because you didn’t have to kill lots of enemies again.

Zenonia 4: Mine fillled and enemies respawned fast

By the way, here is the video I made. This will help you to mine and spawn enemy fast in Zenonia 4.


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