Thursday, February 23, 2017

Mass Effect: Andromeda Has New Gameplay Trailer Reveal Features

Mass Effect just released the part 2 of the new gameplay trailer of the upcoming Mass Effect’s fourth installment the "Mass Effect: Andromeda". In this video, it tackles 3 features of the game including the profiles, favorites, and the squad and how to use them.


As in the video, it shows that there are over 300 skills in the game. Unlike the past Mass Effect titles, in this Mass Effect: Andromeda, the skills are not just limited to one class. There are 3 main type of skill on the game such as combat, tech, and the biotics. And when you unlock skills on the game, you will gain access to the profile. The profile is composed of 7 types including the soldier, engineer, adept, sentinel, vanguard, infiltrator, and explorer. The profiles will give bonuses to the skills. Like for example in the video, as they choose the adept profile, it gives bonuses to the biotic skill


The favorite has 4 slots. This Favorite option slots allow player to set 3 skills and a single profile to one slot. Favorite is very useful during combat because the player can easily switch profiles which means you can easily access your multiple skills. You can watch the video for the example.


In Mass Effect: Andromeda the player can have 6 squads. The squad members are Cora, Jaal, Vetra, Drack, Liam and Peebee. Each squad members have 3 active and 2 passive skills which can be used as Support, tank, and more. The squad can order to defend location or to attack enemies. You can also team up with them to create a Power Combos.

Watch the Mass Effect: Andromeda New Gameplay Trailer

video link:

The video shows that the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda has lot to offer. I can say that the game will sure gives us a good game experience especially on the combat because we can fight effectively and a strategy using one of the game features such as the easy switching between favorites profiles, and skill plus you do a Power Combos with the help of the squad mates.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is the fourth installment of the game. The game was set to be release next month, March 21, 2017 for Xbox One, Windows, and PS4.


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