Friday, February 10, 2017

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review - PC Game

It’s been years since I finished the “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”. Though there is no ending to The Elder Scrolls games, but since I finished the final main quest by defeating Alduin in this game, that is why I consider it as finished. And now, because my PC is not yet upgraded and my other memory card is messed and still not replaced. I can’t play some newest games. That is why I am playing some Android games and mid games for PC such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I started to replaying this game just yesterday. My first character here was a Male Nord with a warrior class. I chose the Imperial Army side before, and now I have created a new character. A female Khajiit and I chose a rogue class and will choose the Stormcloak side so that I will know more about their story. I’m on the act 1 of the game. I just finish the Bleak Falls Barrow quest where you need to recover the Dragonstone.

Before we move on. Let’s have some basic information about this game. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was the fifth installment of The Elder Scrolls series. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is an open world action role playing game. The game is developed by Bethesda Game Studios and released way back 11th of November in the year 2011 or 11-11-11 maybe this was a lucky number since this game become popular until now. But I can say that is not just luck that make this game popular but the game was really good that is why it is still popular at this time. There is also news that this game is planned to be release on Nintendo Switch this 2017.

character creation

Alduin, the Nordic God of Destruction Appears
Follow Hadvar or Ralof
The story revolves around the Civil War of the Imperial Army, and the Stormcloaks rebel, and with this conflict this make the prophecy to become true. That Alduin, the Nordic God of Destruction and the World-Eater will return accompanied by Dragons. And with that you need to solve those problems by choosing sides, end the civil war, and defeat Alduin. There are lot of quest in this game where you need explore wilderness expanses, dungeons, cities, towns, fortresses and villages in either first person or in a third person mode. This game is a long game that is why it takes me months before I finished the last of main quest. You can create your character at the introduction part of the game, were the player character was captured by the Empire alongside with Stormcloak rebels including Ulfric Stormcloak, and Ralof, and Lokir of Rorikstead. Once the cart arrives at its destination, and you are called by Hadvar and tell you who are you, this is the time where you can create your character. You can choose between male or female, and choose the desired race including: Altmer, Argonian, Bosmer, Breton, Dunmer, Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Orsimer, and Redguard. And once done, it’s time of the execution but because of the appearance of Alduin the execution of the player character was stop. With that the player need to escape the Helgen by following either Rolof or Hadvar. Once the player escapes the village of Helgen and arrived at the Guardian Stones the player can now choose a class between Warrior, Mage, or a Thief. Like any other RPG game, as you level up the character became strong too. By choosing right ability or the “perk” such as combat, magic, sneak, defense, and more your character can be powerful. You can level up when a perk for example by using a one handed sword, your one handed sword perk gain experience and soon will level up. And with that, the character will level up also. The combat is easy but not easy. Easy because it was just click, click and use abilities while being not easy because there are some enemies that are hard to kill that you need to have a good strategy to defeat them.
Since it is years ago, when The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released, the graphic now is cannot be compare to the latest games now a day. But I can say back then, it’s one of the good graphics. The UI or the user interface was user friendly. You can easily familiarize the what, what to do in this game. And the background music, and sound used in this game? For me it really intensifies the gaming especially when you use the shout, 'FUS ROH DAH!'.

Combat at the Helgen
 Combat in a Ancient Nordic Ruins

I can say that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was one of the best RPG game ever made as I was writing this. I think almost all important element of a good RPG is here on this game from story, combat battle, quest, character design, NPC, gameplay, can switch to first and third person mode plus being an open world game. Just perfect for the RPG players.


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