Sunday, March 12, 2017

League of Legends Upcoming Patch 7.6 Gives You Galio Rework

Galio Rework - Galio, the Colossus

After the Warwick rework here comes the Galio rework. If we can remember that in the past few years, there are rumors about Warwick and Galio rework. And just this January with the patch 7.2 the new Warwick just arrived. So it means the rumors is true. With that, we know that Galio is the next champion to be rework. And with Patch 7.6 is really near, then Galio rework is coming!

Personally I like the original Galio, I just using a pure ap(ability point) build and Galio become unstoppable. That is why I don’t know why other hate or they say Galio is the most useless champion on the League of Legends when his ultimate skill was perfect at clash. This champion can also be use as pure ap and just what a said he is unstoppable with that build.

But let just move on. With this new Galio who knows what can he show. But based on the video League of Legends posted on their FB page. Galio became so cool. I really can’t wait for the patch 7.6 to arrive so that I can use the new Galio, the Colossus. I think he will still unstoppable with ap build.


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