Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Freestyle 2 Review

For the past months, one of the game I was playing when I got free time is Freestyle 2. I tried this game because I’m a fan of the first Freestyle way back when I was elementary school or in my high school days. And just like the old one, I easily loved this game too. Right now, I had a level 50 Small Forward and a level 32 Point Guard character. These are not my first character with this game since I started with a normal Point Guard character and luckily I got a special character James Kim which is my level 50 Small Forward as of now in the Magic Ball using the green ball. I also got Lyn another Black Lightning character on the Magic Ball using the green ball too.

My characters: Left SF, middle PG, right C.
My PG on lobby
Screenshot of my game using my SF when it was level 40 something.

Freestyle 2 is the sequel of the first Freestyle game developed by JC Entertainment way back 2004. And now developed by Joycity. Freestyle 2 is a multiplayer online sports game. The theme of the game is very obvious a street basketball where you play on half court and show off your freestyle basketball skills. Players can play a team match or individual mode. There are also a tournament and an event mode. At level 1 to 23 player can team up and compete to other team on Rookie chanel 1. While 24 above is on the star channel.


At the start, unlike the first Freestyle where you can start at a position such as Center, Forward, Guard and later can be upgraded to Power Forward, Small Forward, Point Guard, Shooting Guard. In Freestyle 2, you are free to use different position such as: Center, Power Forward, Small Forward, Point Guard, and Shooting Guard. And when you had enough points, you can then buy a level 12 character such as the SW, DG, and CT. Gameplay are very similar to the first entry of the game but with more skill are needed. What I like here on Freestyle 2 it is really an upgraded version of the game in terms of graphics and gameplay. I also like the lobby where while waiting for matches you can practice moving, shooting, and more. And then, when player found a match, players are set to play 3v3 on a half court and show off your awesome skills. But of course at first there are few skills but while you level up, you can buy skills and get random freestyles.


Controls of this game is easy. The basic controls are W, A, S, D, up, left, down, right, shift. The W is use for screen, post up, and face up. Letter A was use for drive. S is for steal and pass. D for shoot, block and rebound. The up, left, down, right are for movements. And shift to dash. Some skills uses other control such as letters Q and E for direct pass, F for alley-oop and more.

Character are customable, you can bough clothes to make your character cooler. You can also get your character clothes or items, cards, and even some special characters if you are lucky at the Magic Ball feature of the game. There are 8 different character to choose from. And each character has different positions with different ability that may suit you.



“My life is all about Rebounding!”

"A position with the strongest dominating ability under the goal post; plays as the core of Defense and has a specialized ability for Tussling and Rebounding."

Center is a position that you can count under the goal post. Center is good at rebounding and blocking because of the specialized ability for tusseling and rebounding.

Power Forward

“Dunking is a real man's thing!”

"A position with both stable attack and Defense can play Block Defense and post attack with flexible physical ability. Has specialized abilities suited for Blocking and Dunking."

Power Forward is a position that can do both attacking and defensing because of its specialized abilities suited for blocking and dunking.

Small Forward

“Count on me, guys!”

"A position that’s capable of doing inside and outside attacks while moving around the court actively, also able to shake the Defense of the opposing team with an even overall ability."

Small Forward is a position can attack both outside and inside. SF is has a high success rate for a middle shot so never leave this unguarded.

Shooting Guard

“I'm born to win!”

"A position with the strongest outside attack ability even while being defended by the opponent, show excellent scoring ability and outstanding concentration."

The Shooting Guard position is the strongest 3 points shooter in all of the character. It can shoot even being defended by opponent. So making it unguarded is like giving them free 3 points.

Point Guard

“Catch my ball if you can”

"A position capable of stealing or intercepting and supports like a boss with the better pass to assist your team."

Point Guard is position you can count on controlling the ball. Because of the best passing ability, defense, and stealing PG is the one you can count on decision making.

Control Tower

“I'll rule this court!”

"Control Tower (CT) is often called a "Passing Center", a position which has both the rebounding and passing ability of Centers and Point Guards."

The Control Tower is like a combination of both Center and Point Guard because its good at passing while the ability to rebound like Center are there too.


“No one can stop my dribble!”

"Swingman (SW) specializes in driving and has both the SF's and SG's abilities."

Swingman is like the combination of SF and SG. So, just like SF and SG, SW is your highbreed inside and outside scoring machine.

Dual Guard

“Pass? Shoot? I can do everything.”

Dual Guard is good at passing while it can also be an scorer since it has not only the PG abilities but the SF abilities too.

Personal Conclusion

Freestyle 2 was an awesome Basketball MMO for PC. The game has a cell-shading type graphic which for me I think suited the game plus the gameplay was cool especially if you had good teammates. You can feel the intensity of the game. The game also feature plenty of skills from different character position. Background music is cool too but I hope they include the soundtrack they used on the first Freestyle.




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