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Resident Evil 3 Remake Review

Resident Evil 3 Remake is a survival horror game developed by Capcom. The original game was released in September 1991. The Resident Evil 3 Remake was released on April 3, 2020 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Resident Evil 3 Remake main menu

So there, after the successful and almost 2019's game of the year Resident Evil 2 Remake. Fans are expecting for another Resident Evil game remake. But we didn't expect that it is coming too fast. Resident Evil 2 Remake doesn't even reach its anniversary when Capcom announced on  December 2019 that the Resident Evil 3 Remake game is being developed. As a fan of the game franchise, sure I was happy and excited. Then few months later in March 2020 Resident Evil 3 : Racoon City the game demo was released. The demo was awesome and people was hype, and so am I. So, I hurried and pre-order Resident Evil 3 Remake on Steam store. I am expecting so much on this game. Maybe because RE2 Remake set the standard of how to remake a game. So then when this game was finally released, I hurried downloaded and installed Resident Evil 3 Remake.

If you want to see my walkthrough gameplay, here is my YouTube video of my Resident Evil 3 Remake walkthrough gameplay:

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Jill and Carlos
The two playable character in this game which is Jill Valentine, and Carlos Oliveira.

For me after playing it multiple times. The down town area part of the game was the best part of the game up to the first Nemesis boss fight. But after that? In my opinion, the game loses its momentum. Areas exploration became too short. And I will agree to other it was a bit disappointing. Because some iconic places and enemy was cut on this game. Enemy such as the Grave Digger and area such as the Clock Tower. Even puzzle solving in this game was less too. If you played the original Resident Evil 3, you'll know what exactly I'm talking about. And lets add, yes, Nemesis was a cool villain... but the Nemesis chasing Jill moment was too short. Unlike Mr. X from Resident Evil 2 Remake. Mr. X will stalk you where ever you go on Raccoon City Police Department (RPD). And surely will give you a hard time exploring RPD. That's how Mr. X makes a better villain in my opinion. Mr. X gon' give it to ya. But enough with the negative side. Because this, for me, the remake was still a good game. It just Resident Evil 2 Remake define what Resident Evil game remake is. Maybe if happened that Resident Evil 3 Remake was released first, I think maybe people will not expect much from it.

But still Capcom done a great job for making another classic Resident Evil game fit for this modern generation. I would also like to commend on how they makes Resident Evil games optimize even on older PC. By using the RE Engine the game graphic looks stunning and game performance was awesome. It also gives nostalgia effect having those original sound track plays at certain places like save rooms. And the way how they connect the two Resident Evil Remakes? Now we know what happen to those two officers at the hallway. Who bit Marvin Branagh and more. Yeah, its good.

And the controls? Playing a third person shooter... is a winner! And if you have played Resident Evil 2 Remake before, it pretty much the same so familiarizing with the control won't be a problem. The only thing you need to practice is the dodging. Having escape items such as knife, grenades, and flash bomb from Resident Evil 2 Remake and replace it by quickstep. It needed more practice but at least you'll have unlimited ways of escaping enemies. Just remember to time it correctly at enemies attack, then you'll have the what you called "Perfect Dodge".

Having infinite rocket launcher on hand makes the game easier. So I would recommend if you want to experience the real survival horror version of this game. Play at nightmare or inferno without using unlockable items such as infinite rocket launcher. And it will be much more interesting.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Game Result
My game result

In this game, you can unlock unlockables by buying at the shop using points got from achievements. For the list of unlockables: Click here. The unlockables in this game were easy to unlock. You can just farm achievement for points in Carlos play through at the Spencer Memorial Hospital. Just save before the part where you needed to defend Jill. Just kill enemies, reload the game, and repeat until you met some requirement for specific achievements.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Shop

Even on some negativity such as cut content, and shorter game... well RE2 Remake is short as well. Its just a bit harder plus it has "new game+" feature. But still, its acceptable for me since its a remake and not a remaster. Just think that there is always a bright side though. Game graphic is stunning, performance is awesome even on older PC, gameplay is great, and story telling is good too. It really makes the classic Resident Evil 3 a modern game. And for me that what makes a good remake.

Rating: 7/10


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